Welcome, Margit Bowler!

We are happy to announce that Margit Bowler has agreed to join the TripleA steering committee! Margit is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Manchester, and has worked on Warlpiri (Pama-Nyungan; Australia) and Tatar (Turkic; Russia), among other language. Margit is a TripleA regular and so far has attended all but one of the workshops. Welcome!

Thank you also to Anna Howell, who has served on the steering committee for the past six years and has helped organise two of the workshops. All the best for your future endeavours! Ia manuia tele le lumana’i.

Program for TripleA6 online!

We are excited to share with you the preliminary program for this year’s TripleA, which is now online on the workshop’s MIT website here. Niger-Congo languages will be particularly well represented at this year’s workshop, among them Wolof (Gambia, Senegal) and Ewe (Togo, Ghana).

TripleA 3 proceedings published!

We are pleased to announce that the proceedings volume from the third TripleA workshop is out! Thank you very much to the authors for their contributions and to the Tübingen editors, Vera Hohaus and Wanda Rothe, for putting the volume together!

To browse through the papers online at the Tübingen university library, click here. Alternatively, download the Table of Contents below. You can then also access the individual papers via their DOI by clicking on their title.

Program for TripleA3 online!

We are excited to share with you the preliminary program for this year’s TripleA workshop! Click here for a list of the talks that are scheduled. Among the many underrepresented languages on the program are Luganda, Kru, Grassfields and Ga (Niger-Congo), Daasanach, Somali and Ngamo (Afro-Asiatic), Malayalam and Telugu (Dravidian), Nuosu (Sino-Tibetan) as well as Samoan and Tsou (Austronesian).

We are also happy to report that the TripleA workshop series is prospering and growing as submissions were up by fifty percent! Unfortunately, we were therefore able to accept only less than half of the percent of abstracts that were submitted.