TripleA 4 CfP out!

Our next meeting will be at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden (June 9-11, 2017), organized by Elizabeth Coppock and Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten and colleagues! The abstract submission deadline is January 29, 2017. For more details, go to the workshop’s website here. Please spread the word!

Program for TripleA3 online!

We are excited to share with you the preliminary program for this year’s TripleA workshop! Click here for a list of the talks that are scheduled. Among the many underrepresented languages on the program are Luganda, Kru, Grassfields and Ga (Niger-Congo), Daasanach, Somali and Ngamo (Afro-Asiatic), Malayalam and Telugu (Dravidian), Nuosu (Sino-Tibetan) as well as Samoan and Tsou (Austronesian).

We are also happy to report that the TripleA workshop series is prospering and growing as submissions were up by fifty percent! Unfortunately, we were therefore able to accept only less than half of the percent of abstracts that were submitted.